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Community Service

At A&A MULTIPRIME, community service is the way in which we seek to add value to our company’s activities by ensuring that our operations have a positive impact on our society.

We work closely with the local charity Tiempo de Juego, a non-profit organization that seeks to use games and playing as a tool for community transformation by promoting different abilities and aptitudes on children and young people to inspire them to be agents of change. This is one way we understand and recognize the fundamental role of healthy childhood for future generations to have a better and more sustainable world.

As a part of our joint efforts with Fundación Tiempo de Juego, A&A MULTIPRIME has sponsored the construction of a playground at one of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods of Santa Marta and the rebuilding of a football pitch, which was previously abandoned and turned into a dump.

At A&A MULTIPRIME, we believe that giving back to the community in which we live, and work is very important.


At A&A MULTIPRIME sustainability is not part of our work – it is a guiding influence for all our work.

Working with sustainability means both identifying potential risks, working to mitigate them, and to understand how businesses can support sustainable development. At A&A MULTIPRIME we recognize the importance of sustainability with a focus on:

  1. Protecting the longevity of the maritime industry and our planet.
  2. Meeting the needs of our clients and other stakeholders.
  3. Strengthening and building on the positive impacts that our company is having on the society and the environment.

Our work inherently supports a sustainability agenda by actively seeking to prevent and respond to maritime incidents, managing pollution, environmental damages, and loss of animal life. Effectively dealing with claims when they arise with integrity and high ethical standards is at the heart of our work.

Furthermore, A&A Multiprime creates value for society by helping our clients in the maritime industry to manage risks and their consequences.

To help different charterers, shipowners, P&I Clubs and others involved in the shipping industry conducting their business at sea in a sustainable manner, we apply our experience and extensive knowledge on advising them on how to avoid losses and on how to use marine resources in a sustainable manner.

We believe that through risk prevention, risk reduction and risk sharing we help the ocean to be cleaner and safer for all.

We are also committed to sustainable environmental principles and minimizing the impact on the environment in which we operate, through the responsible use of resources, by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly technologies and by substantially reducing emissions on our daily operation.

We promote climate conscious behaviours in our company and build capacity for climate action amongst our employees.

Pro Bono

Our legal department art A&A Multiprime is deeply committed to pro bono.

Our pro bono mission is to deliver top quality legal aid to individuals and organizations that could not otherwise afford legal counsel.

Our pro bono efforts engage our legal department’s experienced lawyers in several types of activities to achieve our mission. We have helped non-profit organizations, such as the charity Tiempo de Juego, by reviewing some of their contracts and advising them on legal actions to better pursue their goals and to successfully defend their interest in the legal proceedings they have been involved.